Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular seeds have each X and Y chromosomes, which means these regular marijuana seeds can grow into both a male or female plant. Due to that, these regular seeds are cheaper than feminized seeds. A number of growers purchase regular seeds as a result of they don’t intend to develop all of the seeds into feminized bud-flowering plants that are cheaper. See all the Regular Marijuana Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are genetically modified in such a manner that they’ll only produce female plants. Growing these feminized seeds will be certain that the marijuana plant will flower as a female and produce the buds that are desired by most growers. See all the Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Medical Marijuana Seeds

The medicinal marijuana seeds are the pre-eminent face for growing medicinal marijuana plants. These medical marijuana seeds are largely bought by growers who intend to grow marijuana for their very own use, to alleviate many sorts of pain. Or to remedy an absence of appetite for example. See all the Medicinal Marijuana Seeds

Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower marijuana seeds will grow into plants that immediately begin to flower while growing. No need to change light cycles or anything else in any way. A simple and rewarding method of growing marijuana plants. Growing Autoflower plants outdoors can produce two or extra harvests a year. If you grow Autoflower cannabis seeds indoors, they will grow to full maturity in 10 weeks. See all the Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Indica Marijuana Seeds

These Indica Marijuana Seeds have an excessive percentage of Indica genetics. Indica marijuana seeds will grow right into a shorter and denser marijuana plant than Sativa seeds. Typically, the Indica strain is less complicated to grow and is extra suitable for indoor growing. For growing marijuana seeds in colder climates, the Indica strain is your best choice. See all the Indica Marijuana Seeds

Sativa Marijuana Seeds

These Sativa Marijuana Seeds have an excessive percentage of Sativa genetics. Sativa marijuana seeds will grow right into tall and slim marijuana plants. Though you may grow Sativa indoors, the Sativa seeds are extra suitable for growing outdoors since they achieve extra height than Indica‘s do. Sativa‘s want hotter climates. See all the Sativa Marijuana Seeds

Combo/Mixed Marijuana Seeds

Canna Seeds Online maintains an in-depth and distinctive assortment of marijuana seeds, equipped by main breeders in the marketplace. We‘ve e received plenty of marijuana seeds accessible in our seed store, browse our classes to seek out the marijuana seeds you need. See all the Combo/Mixed Marijuana Seeds