Afgooey Seeds

Thc / Cbd
20% / 
Inica / Sativa
70% / 
Flower Time
7 to 8 Weeks
Harvest Month
Yield Indoor
700 Grams M2
Yield Outdoor
1200 Grams M2
Height Indoor
80 CM
Height Outdoor
160 CM

In stock

The Afgooey is an Indica dominant strain that will make you melt into the couch. Very relaxing and pain-relieving strain. Afgooey is a cross between Afghani #1 and Maui Haze. This one will make you choke and lock you to the couch.

The Afgooey pungent smell comes from this strain before and after lighting. Lots of coughing is involved but from there is a nice, mellow, relaxing time ahead. The buds have many crystals and are very sticky. A great strain to enjoy movies on and just chill out.

The downside to the Afgooey is of course is the couch locking you up. But is great for people who are in pain and/or need to stay off of their feet. Afgooey is an amazing help to the medical side because helps relieve so many symptoms there are too many to list. This is great pain-relieving medicine when eaten.

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