What are Bitcoins?

The Bitcoin currency has existed since 2009, and it‘s a digital currency (a piece of cryptic code) that Bitcoin can use to make purchases. At first, bitcoins were mainly used online, but nowadays, even your local supermarket might accept bitcoins as a payment method. And so do we. Now you can buy marijuana seeds with bitcoins! The great benefit of Bitcoins is that they are anonymous. Exactly what bitcoins are made for!

No bank or intelligence service knows who has bitcoins and what they buy with them. That‘s because there‘s no central bank that controls and monitors transactions.

If you want to know more about Bitcoins, you should look at the video. You can also find lots of information on Wikipedia about Bitcoin and, of course, on the Bitcoin website.

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Anonymously Buying Marijuana Seeds With Bitcoins, How And Why?

We supply happy customers worldwide and rarely have issues with payments and shipping marijuana seeds. Though if you want to be 100% anonymous, you should buy marijuana seeds with Bitcoins. Because bitcoins take place directly between the buyer and seller, there is no intermediary like a bank or a financial institute. This makes a Bitcoin transaction untraceable. Our server is secured with SSL, meaning all data you send us through forms are 256 Bits encrypted.

How to purchase Marijuana Seeds with Bitcoins

Buying marijuana seeds with Bitcoins is just as simple as paying with any other payment method. Add the seeds you want to buy into your shopping cart, proceed to checkout and select the payment method: Bitcoins. If you don‘t have any Bitcoins yet, you can get them at coinbase.com

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